Do you find yourself often wondering (or anguishing if we’re honest) how to crack the money code? Maybe you’ve been working on money for such a long time. You’ve taken the courses (by the millionaires who you KNOW have figured it out), you’ve written down your money stories, done the clearing, put up affirmations, created a colorful dream board, worked on your lineage, etc. practiced money magic, etc… and still nothing!

Like, what gives Universe?!

The Money Game

So I have been on an almost 20-year quest to figure out the money game. I did all the magic money things like worked on mindset, did spells, and daily performed energy work. I also did practical things like budget and take action. Yet I still seemed to be stuck. Yes, I have grown, evolved, and healed but not to the extent I desire. Recently I looked at my shame of not figuring it out. I sat with my embarrassment of still being stuck and what came to me (yet again) is this:

What if you’re trying to follow the instructions to another person’s money game?

It’s like reading the instructions for a board game and you’re actually trying to play cards! Not going to work.  No matter how well you follow the directions, you’re not playing the right game! So, what if we start following the directions for the game we personally came here to play? I play my way. You play your way. We all play our own way. Now that is a gamechanger!

What if we don’t play the game how were told? We don’t buy the stories. We don’t listen to the cloud of emotions others built around money, like when parents fought about it. What if we don’t listen to the narratives that money is hard to get, or you need to work hard to make money? The last few times I went on social media, the common thought patterns (instructions) I saw were:

“play safe,

work hard,

put in your time,

life is hard.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t care to read those instructions anymore! Because that sounds like a sad, boring, and hard game.

Some instructions that sound fun to me, things that make me want to jump in the game, are:

“I enjoy seeing what opportunities money opens up for me.

I am resourced across many areas of my life.

Feeling generous and abundant opens my heart to new experiences.

I have fun playing the game of Life. (Not the board game. Bor-ing!)”

Money and Worthiness

I have also noticed how money is often tied with worthiness. Definitely I have intermingled the two. (I wrote a blog post on worthiness here.)  I don’t feel worthy because I don’t have a “successful” career or make “good” money. Money coaches preach:

“Feel your worth.

Heal the unworthiness.

How will other people value what you offer if you don’t value what you offer?

You get what you put out.”

I think all those things are true to an extent, but they are only a piece of the puzzle.   For someone like me who already suffers from perfectionism, the idea that I must heal worthiness before I make good money would be sending me down a really long wild goose chase. Because I will never get to the point where I will finally say, “Okay I am officially worthy now!” I will constantly be chasing worthiness and thus chasing money.

So how to crack the money code?


Listen to your own instructions! This first means not running away from money. Running away is a first instinct because there is so much baggage and trauma around money. Look at the history of money and you can see that it is rife with greed, power, oppression, domination, and devastation. Um, no thank you! No wonder we want to avoid or run away from money!

But if we can sit with it just a little bit, to the extent we can in that moment, bit by bit wisdom starts to come through. I like to have someone help hold space for me when doing this so I feel supported. Maybe you can only sit with money for 5 minutes. Maybe you want to create a beautiful space- light a candle, burn some incense, sit on fancy pillows. Or maybe you move your body afterwards- dance or take a run. But if we can sit with our money instructions, we can tap into deeper awareness- insights beyond money trauma and beyond the collective instructions.

Some powerful questions to ask oneself:

What is beneficial for me?

Am I playing a game I want to be playing?

What rules am I following?

What perspectives do I have regarding money and how can I be a steward of money in ways that are unique to me?

How can I incorporate these instructions more into my life?


So sorry I didn’t share the one magic money code to solve all your financial woes. But not to worry, you already got it! Now it’s time to get quiet and listen to YOUR rules of YOUR game.

Next blog post I will be sharing my own unique money magic code that came to me when I got quiet and listened. It’s a good one!

What are some obstacles you encounter around money? Have you been following others’ directions? Have you cracked your money code? Tell me about it on my IG post or email me!

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