Mars in Aries (with Jupiter)

“What do I desire? How do I want to spend my life? How do I want to spend my time? What do I want to contribute? What will be my legacy? Who do I want to spend my time with?

Assert my will. My desire. My power. Claim it. I am worthy. I am worthy of my desires. I get to have. I can go after what I want in this life. I can try new things. I can meet new people.”

I wrote that down in my journal a couple days ago wondering where that was coming from and then realized, “Oh right! Mars moved into Aries.” With Libra as my ascendant, assertion, courage, and confidence seem to be the qualities I am always striving to have. I am much more at home in the opposite side of the zodiac in the beautiful land of Libra with harmony and balance.

In my mind’s eye courage, confidence, and assertion always brings up an image of a fierce warrior-hunter leading the other warriors into the unknown to fight danger. And that seems so far out of my comfort zone that I fold even more into the opposite. But courage, confidence and assertion doesn’t look a certain way. We can each do Aries/Mars in our own way. I can have a quiet confidence that no one else can see, an unshakeable surety in my bones. I can courageously continue my tenacity of being true to myself and not getting swept up in the expectations and goals of others. I can show my quiet assertion by setting and keeping a boundary with resolve.

Mantra: It’s okay for me to be assertive, confident, and courageous in my own way.

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