Feminine Flow-Intuitive Sessions


Dance with the sacred. Connect to your wisdom. Tune into Divinity. Soften to feminine flow. Release what you don’t want energetically and fill up on what nourishes you so you feel resourced to radiate. 


Are you:

  • depleted, stressed, or anxious
  • feeling isolated, lonely, or out of place in a busy, material, world
  • putting others needs and desires before your own
  • wanting your magic, essence, divinity to be seen?

My intention is to create space for you to:

  • feel calm, peace, relaxation, nourishment
  • be seen for who you really are
  • be honored on your sacred journey. Invite in the magic, the mystery, the beautiful.
  • connect to your intuition and wisdom.
  • tap into what lights you up an inspires you. FIRE it up!


The details:

Float back to your Essence. Deeply connect with your body and your vibrant Life force energy. Clear the patterns and energies that you no longer want. Relax on a deep level.

Relax in sacred space. We light a candle, draw some cards. Create a nurturing cocoon.

Express yourself. Be held in attentive presence and deep listening. Tell your story about what is happening in your life at this time- the dance of the sacred with the mundane. You are seen.

Then relax and receive. Listen to a meditative journey inviting in the play of the senses. Tune into your body and the energy of your body. Feel the energy of your chakras. Get an energetic tune-up. A spa day for the soul. Tune into the  abundant support of the Universe. Receive. Listen to the whispers of the body. Float in the river of feminine flow.

Afterwards, be witnessed. Receive any wisdom that made itself known during our time together. We close sacred space. Leave seen, nourished, and connected.

You are supported during these energy sessions with various energy techniques, Reiki, crystal therapy, personalized guided meditation, oracle wisdom, ceremony, moon magic, chakra clearing, mindful Beauty, and/or intuitive channeling.

Clink the link below to go to the scheduler or email me ( for any questions. Sliding scale available for those in need- please inquire. Once you schedule I will email you with a Zoom link. These take place in the comfort of your own home where you can close your eyes, relax, and be undisturbed. 


Group Events

Join together in community. Support and be supported. I offer full moon meditations,  women’s new moon circles, and other events.

Awaken your wild woman! Join with other women in moon circles at the new moon to honor the cycles, be present with intentions, tune into feminine flow, and give and receive in community. This moon circle is part of a worldwide group of women’s moon circles in collaboration with The Wild Woman Project.

     Next online full moon meditation:

Tuesday May 25, 2021

from 7:00pm-7:45pm CDT

via zoom.


We come upon a full moon supermoon eclispe in Sagittarius! Its also Gemini season, Jupiter just moved into Pisces, and we have Mercury retrograde coming up! You feeling it?!

I think it takes a conscious effort these days to MAKE THE TIME for self care EVERYDAY amidst the noise and busyness of this time. To connect with our inner self in the quiet. So that’s what we’re going to do.

A recording of the meditation portion will be available if you can’t make the time. Sign up for the class and I will email you a copy of the meditation. Its also helpful if you could let me know at registration if you’re attending or will only be listening to the recording.

We will do some introductions and sharing if desired. We will then go on a guided meditation. We notice at this culmination of the moon cycle, how this lunar cycle is going so far. We will likely tune into Sagittarius themes like expansion, adventure, freedom, faith, optimism, enthusiasm. We relax and tune in to our body and the flow of energies in our bodies. We are intentional and pay attention to the flow of the Cosmos. We often work with chakras and crystal and Nature energy. We come together in supportive community.

Cost: $11.11

If you want to attend but funds are an issue, please reach out.

Please make the time to be undisturbed where you can close your eyes, and go inward without distraction. Your presence is a gift to yourself and those gathered.

I believe that gathering together in intentional community is even more important than ever right now when social contact is limited. It is my intention to create a space to listen and be listened to, tapping into the power of a group, and where we can honor and give attention to the  rhythms of our inner and outer worlds.


Moon-th long Support in Feminine Flow

 Receive  4 weeks of personal one-on-one support. Have your spiritual journey witnessed and held. Receive regular energy sessions and work with nature’s rhythms to help you move with more feminine flow, support, and grace through the month. Connect with someone that has consciously been on this feminine path for 20 years.

Are you:

  • wanting to be held in a supportive container
  • feeling like you want more intuition and feminine flow in your life
  • desiring to be witnessed on your sacred path
  • wanting a space for your magical side to be nourished
  • needing some accountability and encouragement?

My intention is for you to:

  • feel calm and peace in your body
  • develop a practice of honoring intuition
  • make space for the sacred and beautiful
  • provide structure for your dreams
  • honor your path. The path is often winding and not a straight line from A to B. Let’s enjoy the scenic route as we uncover the gifts.
  • Power up your intention. Magic happens when people come together. 
  • “Transformation occurs in sharing,” once said one of my coaches and I believe that to be true. What kind of transformation is possible after a month of attention?!

The details:

What you receive: Four calls (1 per week, 1 hour long) to support you throughout the month. Express yourself. We follow the breadcrumbs together. Be witnessed. Together, we will discuss your intentions and what themes are active in your life at this time. We will work with the energies of the new and full moons to help in releasing that which is no longer wanted and to help assist in attracting and manifesting that which is desired.

Receive energy work and meditation and other magical support like working with crystals, Reiki, oracle cards, or astrology.  This 4 week journey is a beautiful container for you to receive the support and accountability you may need and also the witnessing and space holding that may be desired. We allow space for the sacred and magical rhythms while we go through everyday life and this attention and intention is powerful. What is possible for you with this much support, attention, and receptivity? $333

Email me to sign up or to inquire.

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