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Energy Session

Are you:

  • feeling like you want more nourishment, intuition and flow in your life
  • desiring to be witnessed on your sacred path
  • wanting to feel true to yourself and express that
  • wanting a space for your spiritual side to be nourished, seen, and appreciated
  • intending to move forward with loving clarity, accountability and encouragement?

My intention is for you to:

  • feel calm and peace in your body
  • develop a practice of honoring intuition and listening to your body
  • make space for the sacred and beautiful
  • provide structure for your desires and dreams
  • honor your path. The path is often winding and not a straight line from A to B. Let’s enjoy the scenic route as we uncover the gifts.
  • express your true self.
  • Power up your intention. Magic happens when two or more come together.

The details:

What you receive:

Together, we will discuss your intentions and what themes are active in your life at this time. Get clarity and set goals. Gain momentum.

We can continue with intentional communication for the full time in a sacred container or we can go on a meditative journey, inviting in the play of the senses and working with energies. Tune into your body and the energy of your body. Feel the energy of your chakras. Get an energetic tune-up. A massage for the soul. Tune into the abundant support of the Universe. Receive. Listen to the whispers of the body. Float in a river of divine feminine flow. 

Afterwards, be witnessed. Receive any wisdom that made itself known during our time together. We close sacred space. Leave seen, nourished, and connected.

Offered in 1 or 3 session packages. One session is 45 minutes. The package journey is a beautiful container for you to receive the support and accountability you may need and also the witnessing and space holding that may be desired. We allow space for the sacred and magical rhythms while we go through everyday life and this attention and intention is powerful. What is possible for you with this container of support, attention, and receptivity? 

Current special:

1 session: $75


Email me for a package. Current specials:

3 sessions: $210


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