Navigating chaos. Things feel a bit intense lately: in the world, collectively, in personal life, energetically. But honestly it feels like things have been intense for years now. Sometimes being a human feels a bit harsh, especially for sensitives and empaths.  I want to share some things I am doing to help support myself. Maybe you will find some inspiration.

8 Tips to Navigate Chaos

  1. Touch the earth. If you don’t want to read anymore beyond this point, I am glad you read the most important one. Touching my bare feet to the ground is so necessary to me. Every day I sit outside in the evening for at least 30 minutes to feel grounded.
  2. Move your body. There’s a lot of energy swirling. I’m feeling particularly anxious and in my head a lot. Don’t let all that swirly whirly get bottled up inside. Move your body every day. Dancing helps move emotions for me. I had also been running but then my feet started hurting so now I am just going for long walks. It’s especially joyful to see all the beautiful blooming flowers and trees on my walks.
  3. Drink enough water.
  4. Support your body with healthy foods. In this Taurus season, I am also letting myself be nourished and nurtured with foods. It’s okay to treat myself sometimes!
  5. Keep the creative juices flowing. I’ve been making some projects lately and it has felt so good to let my creativity flow as well as keeping my hands busy while I am “relaxing.”
  6. Take a media break. I’ve been working on this one. Not so easy! Lately I have been curious how my mental state would be if I halved my media time.
  7. We can’t control everything. Things are happening. Things are moving. Sometimes you just got to go with the flow. See where things end up after the storm blows through. Trust you’re where you need to be, and you have all you need.
  8. Have a little fun. Find a little joy. Be You (the best you can.)

Thanks for being here. For bringing a little magic to the world. Much love.

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