The profound spiritual wisdom of today is….. 🔮🌟

go have fun!

Haha. The kids know the secret to happiness and enlightenment.

This wisdom pertains especially to Capricorns, Saturn-influenced persons, Virgos, moms, dads, .. well actually many humans. (Especially during Virgo season.)

It’s so easy to get caught in work and to-dos. Even when we’re “resting”, the mind is PLANNING what to do. There’s always dishes to wash, something needs cleaning or organizing. There are things to learn. I even *should* pleasurably read the stack of books so I can return them to the library. I should exercise. (Like even that sneaky lovely outdoor hike has an agenda.)


Go have fun!

I am mostly writing this to myself. I was on a bike ride (for cardio reasons of course) the other day and my tire popped, and I had to walk. When I was walking, I started to notice things.

“Oh, look at those noisy honking cranes. They are so loud. Kind of like they own this little bit of the swamp.

Oh! I hear the crunch of my shoes on the gravel. I can feel my hips. How good this feels to crunch along.

You know, I actually like this. This feels really good in my body. I forgot how much I like to hike! Why do I keep forgetting this?”

Doing things that feel fun, nourish the body. It builds capacity to experience good feelings. It provides a solid foundation of nourishment for when things don’t feel so great. We can then dip into the reserve of “I am okay.”

Having fun is important and needed!!

Do you remember how to have fun?

Sometimes I forget how to have fun. I forget that I need it. I go along working and doing and I forget that my body needs that feel-good moment in time. That feel-good moment softens the body. There is a lightness that allows for ease and flow.

The body cannot stay at rigid.

It needs to experience this lightness, so it knows what it is. Then when there is actually no time for fun, like 2 hours past bedtime and a big day tomorrow and everyone still has to brush their teeth, you remember the lightness and you realize oh this actually could be fun. Maybe let’s dance while we brush our teeth and then everyone is like YEAH and what do you know? teeth are brushed and everyone’s in bed in five minutes flat. Amazing, huh?

Or maybe you remember the lightness and you say “let’s dance while we brush our teeth” and the kids start crying harder. You have those reserves of joy still in you from the fun you had before so that crying isn’t testing your last nerve. Amazing, huh?

All from taking the time to have fun.

We cannot lose sight of the importance of play! We seriously need to consider the need for fun! Haha. Am I speaking your language?

What fun things do you do that you notice really makes a difference? Not because you get anything from it but you just really, really like it?


(Pic credit- Pixabay: paule00070)

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