What does a typical energy session look like?

We will meet online over zoom. We open up with a discussion about what’s up for you, what you’re experiencing in your life, what your goals or intentions are, and how you are wanting support that day. You have a chance to express yourself. I ask questions to help you listen to your body’s wisdom. I then take you on a guided meditation to tune into your own energies, let go of energy that no longer resonates, and fill up on that which nourishes. This is a deeply relaxing, embodied meditation that feels like a spa-day for the soul. Afterwards is a time for reflection and discussion if desired. We usually end with an actionable step you can take away that continues to deepen the experience or helps integrate it.

How can I prepare beforehand or what can I do afterwards?

Have a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Give yourself the gift of attention and presence. Have things you want to be comfortable like a soft blanket, a pillow, and a glass of water. You may also want paper and pen to record any insights. It may be helpful right before the session to tune into how your week has been, what issues are up for you, and what feels really supportive to you right now. During the session continue to do what feels nourishing to you. You may want to sit up or lay down during the meditation. Continue to make sure you are tended to. 

Afterwards drink water to integrate the energy session. You may want to journal about what you experienced or write down any “homeplay” practices. Be loving to yourself in the next couple of days- eating nourishing foods, getting outdoors, sleeping well, etc.

What kind of energy work do you practice?

I was Usui Reiki attuned in 2005. I also took two crystal healing certifications that were energy therapy focused. I have taken Karuna Reiki as well as Crystal Reiki. Basically, though I have incorporated all I learned into a modality where together (thorough the invitation of my voice) we tune into your energy body and invite in balance. I use crystal energies, energies of nature, and what I call “sensuality mindfulness” to really embody what it is you are calling into your experience.

Do I need to ascribe to a certain belief system or religion?

No! This is not religious based. I work from your perspective. So, it is helpful if you give me an idea what your spiritual beliefs are beforehand so I can “speak in your language.” I personally have an evolving relationship with God (having come from a fundamentalist Christian religion). I find much comfort in the energies of the natural world, like the four elements and working with animals and crystals. I also like to work with the unseen world, like angels, guides, and ancestors, although this too is an evolving relationship for me. Ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable, so please express your needs and desires.

What do you mean by sensuality mindfulness?

I use the term sensuality mindfulness because just being mindful is not the intention. One is not just being aware of they are doing or what is around them. They are particularly using the senses to have an experience. Being mindful of what the senses are experiencing. Using that experience to go deeper, to receive pleasure, to soften, and to surrender. Because once we’re softened than love swoops in and envelopes us with all that goodness. We can actually feel love. And we remember that it’s been there all along. Sensuality mindfulness helps us soften to love.

What can I expect to achieve from a session?

Well hopefully you don’t achieve anything! This is a space to RECEIVE. Receive support from another. Receive support from your own guides, friends, and team. This is more of a surrendering and an uncovering. A remembering of who you are and what you desire. When we part, I hope you feel relaxed, nourished, seen, and heard. I hope you have deep the satisfaction that comes from really being with yourself. I hope you feel held in the flow of grace and inspired to continue to carry that lit spark throughout your days and weeks.

What is alchemical mentoring? 

Honestly, I use mentoring for lack of a better word. It’s not coaching because that feels very goal oriented. There is so much treasure in the journey itself not just marking things off a list! Mentoring is not quite right either because it’s not just me espousing wisdom. I want you to uncover your own wisdom from within. I think space holder and witness most accurately describe my role.

I like to use the word alchemical because this is a co-creative process between two beings. There’s something magical that happens when two gather with full attention, intention, and presence. There’s almost a third energy that emerges. This is the magic and mystery. The transformation. The alchemy. And when this takes place over period of time, in a container, with guidance and accountability, this magic, mystery, and spiritual journey can be held and allowed to flourish.

How does sliding scale work?

With certain offerings (like alchemical mentoring) I offer it by sliding scale. This is a range where you decide the price you pay.  I trust that the contribution of those that give more offsets that of those that give less so all who desire can partake.

What do you mean by Divine Feminine?

I like to use the archetypes of Divine Masculine and Feminine as a way to see the world through balanced eyes. This path will resonate for some and not for others. We all carry BOTH archetypes in our bodies. Currently the world is immersed more heavily in the wounded Divine Masculine archetype. In this space, to perform, push, dominate, force, and control is how the world is run. I believe that we need to bring balance back by embodying and raising up the Divine Feminine archetype. So that our world becomes more infused with the qualities of flow, intuition, trust, creativity, and connection. In doing so, we can also help invite in the Divine Masculine qualities of strength, protection, courage, and wise action. 

I have more questions.

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