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Lover of Beauty. Space Holder. Channel of Sensuality.

About me

Who am I?

Who am I beyond partner, mother, sister, daughter, friend? Outside of others needs and expectations? What do I desire? Really. Do I even know? What is longing to be expressed? Where am I wanting freedom?

These are questions I ask myself often. In this world, I think as women especially, it is easy to put ourselves second (or last.) Coming back to the self is crucial.

Awakened motherhood is my dharma.

My kids are my teachers and have taught me true love. It is also through them I realize my true strength. The greatest spiritual experience of my life was the sacred pregnancy and blissful waterbirth I had at home and it will be forever treasured. But there have been lots of big lessons along the way. It is hard to balance one’s own needs with the needs of everyone else. When I became a mother, I really felt like I lost myself. I put my whole life into raising my daughter. I rarely made time for myself and almost never went on dates with my partner. Although I loved motherhood, I felt blah and wondered if it was my destiny to change diapers and wash dishes all day.   Now as my kids are growing older, there are new joys and new challenges. My dharma is to balance conscious mothering with being an alive wild woman living my desires. My sacred devotion then is this: connecting deeply to Divinity, within and with out, which I do in part by practicing sensuality mindfulness. 

Empowered from Within

By committing to taking baby steps every day to follow flow, ease, vitality, I feel empowered to live my dreams and to not lose myself in the sometimes chaotic swirl of everyday life. My spiritual connection and practice is what makes even the everyday mundane meaningful. Finding sacred in the mundane. Tuning into the bigger picture. Being a part of the interconnected web of Life. Tuning into the unseen, the Mystery. Feeling my connection to Gaia and the Cosmos.

Remembering the Way

I have taken some trainings to remember my intuitive side and now I daily practice using my intuition. My training includes  crystal therapy, Reiki, and training in other energy techniques. I offer personalized guided meditations and imagery, and use other tools like ceremony, Beauty, sensuality mindfulness, and work with the energies of the stars and planets. However, ultimately, the wild ride called Life has been my greatest teacher and continues to be so.

You can receive more of my flavor and the transmission of who I am by checking me out on Instagram.

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