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Offering intuitive energy sessions,

embodied meditations, and

alchemical mentoring to

surrender to inner beauty and embody power.

An Invitation

   In this fast-paced technological world, sometimes it just feels good to take a breath.

Take time to BE without distraction.

Notice the trees swaying in the breeze outside the backdoor and the butterflies fluttering over the brightly colored flowers.

Connect to the body. Connect to your Desires.

Connect to another human in a deep way.

My desire is to be a space holder for you to invite in that stillness.

Sit with you in the pause.

Listen to what your heart is saying.

Witness your journey.

Invite the sacred to wrap Her arms around you and nourish you.

Tend to your self and soften to the Beauty of who you are.

And then from this resourced and nourished space, we find desire- our hearts longing.

We find vitality. We find Aliveness.

We find the fertile ground needed to plant our seeds.

A living garden to tend to our inner wishes.

We find inspiration and motivation.

When we are in our flow state, things happen. Magic abounds.

We FEEL the feelings we are wanting to experience more of.

We feel connection to something greater than ourselves.

We find our belonging.

Let’s enter this space together.



I offer a sanctuary. A place to connect to the holy. Connect with the sensuality of Life. Connect to the inner Divine. Connect with another in a deeper way. Let’s meet in a haven of Beauty, connection, and sacredness.


sensuality mindfulness of a flower

Intuitive Reiki Sessions

Receive support in accepting what is, releasing what is not longer desired, and filling up on what makes you feel good so you feel resourced to radiate! Personal Reiki energy sessions offered online. 


moon circle


Come together in community to connect and recharge while honoring the rhythms of Nature. Guided mediatations offered at the full moons. Women’s circles held at the new moons. 

bees in community

Cosmic Support

Receive 4 weeks of personal one-on-one support. Have your spiritual journey witnessed and held. Receive regular Reiki energy sessions and work with nature’s rhythms to help you move with more flow, support, and grace through the month.

 Recorded Guided Meditations and Courses

Coming Soon!


“Leah is a Venusian Goddess, deeply in touch with the realm of the sensual and spirit. Working with Leah has been an inspiring, enriching, and deeply nourishing experience. She has a true gift for connecting you with your inner spark and passion, your natural enthusiasm for life, and the richness of life itself. Her treatments are food for the soul, making life more pleasurable and enjoyable, and guiding you to access your own inner magician!”

Kristin Kuhn

Energy Intuitive and Miracle Worker, https://kristinkuehn.com/

“Thank you, Leah, for a magical session full of imagery, astrology, motivation, and love! During our time together, you reminded me about the connection between my heart and my womb, laughed with me about the beauty of existence and the work I get to do during my lifetime, guided me with your voice through each part of my body, and brought me to a safe calm place within myself. I feel more prepared now to continue my journeys through self-discovery, self-employment, and self-acceptance. Thank you!”


“Leah was awesome! First she asked me what my intentions or goals were, then I went into a meditative space and hearing the words spoken back to me was really empowering. She is good at creating sacred space to really focus on what I want to change or do in my life. Thank you so much!"


Yoga Teacher

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