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Soften to Beauty.

Open to Nourishment.

Radiate embodied Divinity.

A Divine Feminine Invitation

   In this fast-paced world, it feels good to take a breath.

Take time to BE without distraction.

Connect to the body. Connect to your Desires. Feel your own inner Divine Feminine.

Connect to another human in a deep way.

My desire is to be a space holder for you to invite in that stillness.

Sit with you in the pause.

Listen to what your heart is saying.

Witness your journey.

Invite the sacred to wrap Her arms around you.

Be nourished by the Divine Feminine.

Tend to yourself and soften to the Beauty of who you are.

And then from this resourced and nourished space, we find desire- our hearts longing.

We find vitality. We find Aliveness.

We find the fertile ground needed to plant our seeds.

A living garden to tend to our inner wishes.

We find inspiration and motivation.

When we are in our flow state, things happen. Magic abounds.

And we FEEL the feelings we are wanting to experience more of.

We feel connection to something greater than ourselves.

We find our belonging.

Let’s enter this space together.



I offer a sanctuary. A place to connect to the holy. Connect with the sensuality of Life. Feel your inner Divine feminine. Connect with another in a deeper way. Let’s meet in a haven of Beauty, connection, and sacredness.


sensuality mindfulness of a flower

Divine Feminine Energy Sessions

Receive personalized energetic support in accepting what is, releasing what is not longer desired, and filling up on what makes you feel good so you feel resourced to radiate! 


bees in community

Alchemical Mentoring

Receive 4 weeks of personal one-on-one support. Have your spiritual journey witnessed and held. Receive regular energy sessions and go inwards to receive more flow, support, and grace throughout the month as you lovingly support yourself with accountability and wise action.


 Join together in community. Support and be supported. I offer full moon meditations,  women’s new moon circles, and other events.

Awaken your wild woman! Join with other women in moon circles at the new moon to honor the cycles, be present with intentions, tune into feminine flow, and give and receive in community. This moon circle is part of a worldwide group of women’s moon circles in collaboration with The Wild Woman Project.

Next online event:

Meditation and Share

Thursday, December 16, 2021  from 7:00pm-7:45pm CDT via zoom.

Let’s gather to support and be supported. We will ground and share/listen.

Afterwards, we will go on a guided meditation to FEEL, relax, and alchemize. We may talk about upcoming Gemini full moon and winter solstice. Exact content is TBD as this work is creative and fluid.

We release and create in the group energy. During these meditations/storytellings/journeys we tune into ENERGY- the energy in our bodies and the supportive energies in nature like heavenly bodies, crystals, and elements. We work with our guides like angels, ancestors, our body map.

Cost: Suggested donation: $15-20

If you can’t attend live, the recording of the meditation portion of the event will be available. This usually is about 30 minutes. At registration, let me know if you’re interested in this option.

Please make the time to be undisturbed where you can close your eyes, and go inward without distraction. Your presence is a gift to yourself and those gathered. You may want to have a journal to record insights. 

It is my intention to create a space for each of us to listen and be listened to, tapping into the power of a group, and where we can honor and give attention to the rhythms of our inner and outer worlds. Feel the power in community!



“Leah is a Venusian Goddess, deeply in touch with the realm of the sensual and spirit. Working with Leah has been an inspiring, enriching, and deeply nourishing experience. She has a true gift for connecting you with your inner spark and passion, your natural enthusiasm for life, and the richness of life itself. Her treatments are food for the soul, making life more pleasurable and enjoyable, and guiding you to access your own inner magician!”

Kristin Kuhn

Energy Intuitive and Miracle Worker

"My energy session with Leah was a truly blissful experience. She had a series of questions at the beginning to personalize the session for my unique needs, which resulted in the most customized energy healing I've ever received. I was looking for a feeling of peace and nourishment, so of course I deeply appreciated the time to rest and let someone take care of me for a change, which I didn't realize how much I needed! The healing was potent and I highly recommend booking Leah for regular energy sessions to stay balanced and inspired in your life."

"Leah radiates from a sacred place within. She has a remarkable gift for holding space and helping others tap into their higher self. She's intuitive, kind, and powerful. Her private sessions are customized to each person's belief systems, needs, and current place on their journey. She surrounds the sessions with a nourishing cocoon of energy that allows one to face what's holding them back, what to release, and how to receive."

Mourning Dove

“Thank you, Leah, for a magical session full of imagery, astrology, motivation, and love! During our time together, you reminded me about the connection between my heart and my womb, laughed with me about the beauty of existence and the work I get to do during my lifetime, guided me with your voice through each part of my body, and brought me to a safe calm place within myself. I feel more prepared now to continue my journeys through self-discovery, self-employment, and self-acceptance. Thank you!”


"I gained so much from my 4 sessions with Leah. She clearly defined for me what the sessions would involve as well as both her role and mine. We set an intention during our first session, which, for me, was working toward a personal goal of being seen and heard more in my daily life. Leah is a gifted listener with an understanding and empathic presence, and I felt very much at ease during our sessions. I definitely felt seen and heard by her, and I was able to implement the different strategies discussed during sessions in-between our appointments. Overall, I found this to be an enlightening and positive experience for my healing journey. Thanks Leah!"


"My healing session with Leah was amazing. I felt really supported and held- it was clear that the session was just for me and nobody else. This was the first time I've ever felt the energy during a session like this- I literally felt my body vibrating. I'm also super grateful for all of the energy I had after my session which carried through the rest of the day! Thanks Leah!!!"


“Leah was awesome! First she asked me what my intentions or goals were, then I went into a meditative space and hearing the words spoken back to me was really empowering. She is good at creating sacred space to really focus on what I want to change or do in my life. Thank you so much!"


Yoga Teacher

"In my first coaching session with Leah I already felt positive changes. Leah supported my intentions with gentleness & curiousity—she helped me to feel like my inner work & inner journey really mattered and that I was capable of making the changes I hoped for. She asked questions that helped me find my own way. My favorite part was the guided meditation though—I felt held, seen, supported, and transported into a future where I was already meeting the goals I set for myself. Thank you Leah for your beautiful support!"

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