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Offering Moon Circles and intuitive energy sessions online and in Madison, WI.

I hold space for intuitives to return to their bodies,

dance with their divinity,

and feel so nourished that their Radiance overflows.

What do you Desire?

 Sometimes you feel like you are constantly being pulled down by all of life’s demands

You feel out of touch with your desires.

Out of rhythm with your body.

You get caught up in the swirl of busy everyday life.

And everyone needs you.

Your attention and energy are pulled in every direction.

The chores and responsibilities are never ending.

As a result, you never seem to have time for yourself.

When you do have a few minutes alone, its hard to really relax, especially with your busy thoughts.

You want more.

You want to feel more alive.

Have more pleasure in your life.

You desire to feel more in tune with yourself.

And as a result, feel balanced and grounded.

You want to come home to yourself again,

so you can remember who you truly are.

You don’t have to do it alone.

You have my support as you take the steps towards a life of more ease and contentment.

Let me pamper you with nourishing reiki energy sessions so you can start to feel less drained and more energized.

Receive encouragement from me to help you feel enthused and inspired again.

Receive support from community at our bi-monthly moon circles both online an in Madison, WI.

Find your inner calm.

Create moments of peace so you can start to feel less stressed throughout the day and enjoy your partner and family more.

Also, learn how a regular spiritual practice and deep connection to self can encourage a more mindful and balanced life.

As a result of staying centered in your own body,

you don’t feel like you are swaying at the mercy of the energy of everyone around you.

Tune in with your body and hear what it is whispering to you

Finally, do it all with Beauty and Magic and Love.

Let’s connect.

Tap into Magic

As we go through our everyday motions, sometimes we forget our magic.

We forget the sacred.

We forget our Divinity.

During our time together, we tap into the Magic. The interconnectivity that runs through everything.

The energy humming around and through us.

Together we take the time to tune into the self. To tune into your own wisdom and magic.

Some of my favorite tools are astrology, oracle cards, community, moon circles, Reiki, guided meditations, and walking with Beauty.

Nourish your Magical Self. The Wise One. The Wild Woman.

Let’s connect.

Let’s Connect

Intutive Reiki Sessions and Meditations

An hour long pampering reiki session just for you! Clear out what you don’t need energetically and fill up on what feels good!  Online or in Madison, WI.
Moon Circles
Moon circles are held bi-monthly in Madison, WI and now ONLINE!  Join together in community while honoring the rhythms of Nature. Click below to see whats coming up!

Cosmic Support

Receive a 4 weeks of personal one-on-one support. Have your spiritual journey witnessed. Receive regular energy sessions and work with nature’s rhythms to help you move with more flow through the month.

What People Are Saying

“Leah is a Venusian Goddess, deeply in touch with the realm of the sensual and spirit. Working with Leah has been an inspiring, enriching, and deeply nourishing experience. She has a true gift for connecting you with your inner spark and passion, your natural enthusiasm for life, and the richness of life itself. Her treatments are food for the soul, making life more pleasurable and enjoyable, and guiding you to access your own inner magician!” Kristin Kuhn

Energy Intuitive and Miracle Worker,

“Leah was awesome! First she asked me what my intentions or goals were, then I went into a meditative space and hearing the words spoken back to me was really empowering. She is good at creating sacred space to really focus on what I want to change or do in my life. Thank you so much! S.L.

Yoga Teacher

“Your work is powerful and spot on. You’re the real deal, Leah! I feel honored and blessed to have received the gift of your deep work. ” Sheryl S.

“Thank you, Leah, for a magical session full of imagery, astrology, motivation, and love! During our time together, you reminded me about the connection between my heart and my womb, laughed with me about the beauty of existence and the work I get to do during my lifetime, guided me with your voice through each part of my body, and brought me to a safe calm place within myself. I feel more prepared now to continue my journeys through self-discovery, self-employment, and self-acceptance. Thank you! ” A.

Disclaimer: The services offered and information on the webite is meant to complement, not substitute, traditional medical treatment. One should seek a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailments he or she has. No medical claims or guarantees are made regarding the offerings and are not designed to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.

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