I’ve been thinking a lot about worthiness. Especially now as the sun moves into Taurus. I have been thinking I am not good enough. I don’t have what it takes. I am less than. Somehow, I am falling short. (I see you fellow Chiron in Taurus people. We are working through some deep stuff. You are welcome world! Find out what sign your Chiron is here: Chiron Sign Tables | Cafe Astrology .com.)

So, I say the affirmations:

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I am good enough.

I try focusing on my thoughts. Catching myself when the inner critic is on duty. I try reframing. Changing my thoughts to something that is more helpful.

And all that is good and can help for sure. But what I realized is that I’m stopping just before things start to get good.

A story comes to mind that portrays this situation well.  

So, my daughter has been playing soccer for probably eight years. Slowly she’s getting better and better. But this last year the coach was basically a volunteer and the girls talked and goofed around for most of practice. So then at games, the scores were like 0-7. The reason why they didn’t score any goals (besides the fact that they goofed around during practice) was because they kept getting the ball TO the goal, not THROUGH the goal. They basically kicked it right to the goalie. And of course, the goalie easily stopped it and so- no goal. Now if they started thinking: “I want to get it THROUGH the goal, past the goalie, and hit the net” I think they will likely start getting many more goals.

Same way with worthiness. If I just keep telling myself “I am good enough”, it’s like I am kicking the ball to the goalie. It’s like saying “I guess I deserve to not talk nasty to myself. I guess I deserve to not struggle with money. I guess I deserve to have good friends.” Basically, saying the words “I am worthy” has the unsaid following words “…of just the bare minimum.”


What if instead of saying “I am worthy”, we tell ourselves:

I am a Divine Being filled with Light and Life that was lucky enough to get a human body.

I can live this life as creatively as I desire.

I get to manifest and play on this earthly playground.

It’s my pleasure to express my Essence and others get to share in that experience by co-creating with me.

I have some freaking awesome gifts that I get to rock now as a generous conscious human.

I am worthy of it all and so much more.


Now anything becomes possible.

And that’s a shoot and a score!

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