What if we didn’t have to DO anything?

We can get so caught up in needing to get a good job, make a certain amount of money, have a nice house, or have a good car that we forget our true priorities and values. “Oh, I am not materialistic. I don’t even care about money,” we say and yet money is what’s constantly on the mind. Or we may feel that were not somebody until we have the good career or are making a decent income. If we aren’t like everyone else, maybe we feel we aren’t making something of ourselves. We feel like free-loaders or drifters. We need to prove we’re valuable. That we matter. And we’re making a difference. That we’re good enough.

What if our major contribution to the world wasn’t what we got done? Or what we achieved? How we performed? How others saw our contribution? What if our major contribution didn’t really seem so major after all (from the outside looking in)?

What if our major contribution was how we BE?

How do you do you? How do I do me? Our major contribution to the world is just being ourselves.

I can contribute the most to the world by being me. And that itself is definitely an endeavor. Because what does it even mean to be myself? There are so many layers of conditioning: how you had to be with others, how you needed to be as a little kid, how you need to fit in with your friends, neighbors. What society says is important or how the world works. What we were taught in school. The list goes on and on and on.

What’s underneath all that? Where is the real you? Who is the real you? What does it even mean to be you?

That’s the major gift we each give. Uncovering. Unearthing our true selves. Finding what’s underneath all the layers.

And sharing that. Being daily devoted to realigning with the true self. Being committed to connecting to the Self.  Being dedicated to sharing the true self.

And we likely won’t receive the accolades and pats on the back. Others may wonder WTF were doing with our time. And part of the process is finding value in our own journey. Noticing what we do value and then actually value that that’s what we value!

Give yourself the permission to do you. To be you.  In your own unique way. And value that! Do something that lights you up! What makes you happy? Do something you enjoy for no other reason than because it brings you pleasure. This will help your Essence become clearer and brighter. And this Beingness will radiate.

This is a gift both to yourself and to the world.

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