Intuitive Energy Sessions

Are you:

  • tired, stressed, anxious
  • feeling isolated , lonely, different  in a fast, busy world
  • don’t know how to create the changes you desire
  • wanting a higher perspective in a more sacred world?

My intention is to create space for you to:

  • feel calm, peace, relaxation
  • be seen for who you really are
  • be honored on your sacred journey. Invite in the MAGIC!
  • connect to your heart and intuition and give the busy thoughts a break.
  • tap into what lights you up an inspires you. FIRE it up!

The details:

Receive a nurturing energy session. Float back to your Essence. Deeply connect with your body and your vibrant Life force energy. Clear the patterns and energies that you no longer want. Relax on a deep level.

We open up sacred space and connect. Set intentions. Be seen and heard. With presence and deep listening, I hear what is happening in your life at this time- the dance of the sacred with the mundane. Your journey is witnessed. Then receive and relax. Listen to my voice to go on a meditative journey. Focus your attention on the body and the energy of your body. Notice the energy of the chakras. Tune into the  abundant support of the Universe. Receive. Listen to the whispers of the body. Share what is wanting to be witnessed. I share any wisdom that made itself known to me during our time together. We close sacred space. Leave fully seen and nourished.

I will support you during these energy sessions using various energy techniques, Reiki, crystal therapy, personalized guided meditation, ceremony, moon magic, chakra clearing, mindful Beauty, and/or intuitive channeling.

Clink the link below to go to the scheduler or email me            ( for any questions. Sliding scale available for those in need- please inquire. Once you schedule I will email you with a Zoom link for online sessions.

Cosmic Support

This is a 4 week long container of loving support.

What you receive: Four calls with me (1 per week, 45 minutes long) to support you throughout the month. During these calls I listen to your shares and serve as Sacred Witness. I then offer energy work and other magical support like working with crystals, Reiki, oracle cards, or astrology. Together, we will discuss your intentions and what themes are active in your life at this time. We will work with the energies of the new and full moons to help in releasing that which is no longer wanted and to help assist in attracting and manifesting that which is desired. This is a beautiful container for you to receive the support and accountability you may need and also the witnessing and space holding that may be desired.  We allow space for the sacred and magical rhythms while we go through everyday life and this attention and intention is powerful. I wonder what is possible for you with this much support, attention, and receiving? Email me to sign up. $233 

Online Session FAQs

How can I best prepare for an energy session?

Personally, it feels the best to me to receive an energy session in a meditative space. First, get in a comfortable position, such as lying down. Ground down by connecting with the center of the Earth. Breathe. Think about your intention. If you believe in a Divine or angels, ask for their assistance for you to receive whatever is best for your highest good. Imagine a bubble of sparkly golden light around you. I don’t recommend lighting a candle (in case you doze off.)  Relax and enjoy!

How do I create an intention for the energy session?

What area(s) of your life would you like to place extra attention on at this time?  Do you have a mental, physical, or emotional issue that is popping up for you right now? What seems to be the biggest challenge in your life at this time? Once you figure out what that is, set the intention that you get exactly what you need out of the session to assist you.

During the energy session, what should I do?

After you have prepared for the session, there is nothing you “have” to do. Just relax and breathe. Let your mind relax and trust that you are receiving whatever you desire. Enjoy the quiet time where you are deeply nurtured.

What do you (Leah) do during the energy session?

During the session, I tune into your energetic body. We intend that love and light go to any place in your body that might need some extra support. I may assist you in moving some energy out of your body if you are ready to let go. To help focus your attention, I often use words to describe what I am doing. A big part of my work is working with the energy of crystals. Energetically, they may offer their assistance to work with your energy field. I may make a crystal grid or crystal layout to assist you. After the session, I often have received information about which crystals would like to continue to work with you. I also relay any feelings and thoughts that I received during the session that may help you on your journey.

What if I experience physical or emotional sensations during the energy session?

Often people see colors during the session or feel completely relaxed. They may feel total love, see images or symbols, or remember previous experiences or situations. Some may feel physical sensations in their energy centers or other areas of their body. Others may have an emotional release such as crying or laughing. Whatever you experience is exactly what is perfect for you. If you experience a sensation is uncomfortable, take some deep breaths and connect to the Earth. Sometimes you may have to move through the discomfort to attain the gift. If however, you want to end the session, you can at any time. You will not receive anything you do not want to. To do that, just intend for the session to be over and you can go get some food or water and fresh air.

Is it okay if I don’t feel anything?

If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry! Some people do not feel much. Others don’t feel much and then see areas of their life shift days or weeks afterwards. Energy sessions are subtle so you may not experience anything in the moment but trust that you received exactly what you desired.

How do I know when the energy session is over?

I will use my words to help you feel grounded in your body.

Is there anything I should I do after my energy session and to help support integration?

After the session, take some deep breaths. Drink a big glass of water. You might want to have a light snack. To support your body as you continue to process the session, keep on drinking water, eating healthy, resting, and moving your body in ways that feel good. Spending time in nature always feels good too! It also may be really helpful to journal about what you experienced during the session and what may be coming up for you now. Tune in with your body. Thank it and all those assisting you on your amazing journey!

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