Online New Moon Meditation~ Coming Home

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

7:30pm-8:15pm CDT

New Moon in Cancer- take two! We get to marinate in the new moon energies (of home, family, intuition, feelings, mothering) for the second Cancerian new moon of 2020!

The new moon is opposite Saturn which may feel a bit restricted but what better way to work through that than by regrouping, coming back to the self, and feeling supported.

In this new moon meditation we will connect to that feeling of HOME. Feeling at home in our body. Feeling that sense of home from nature and the Earth. Feeling that sense of home in the space we create together. Finding that security inside ourselves. Feeling resourced so we can create at this new moon, setting intentions as we start the second half of 2020.

We will create a sacred space, connect with our helpers (God, angels, nature spirits, ancestors, and/or Love and goodwill), and dive into the feelings and experience of Home. There may be time for sharing depending on size.

Recordings of the meditation portion will be sent out afterwards to those that signed up. If you can’t attend this event live, you can still receive a recording of the meditation portion by signing up for the event with the link above.

We will connect to each other. We will go on a guided meditation to connect to our bodies (both physical and energetic) and use the power of intention, attention, and community. During these meditations we may tune into our chakras, focus on energetic balancing, ground and center, and work with energies like Nature and the elements. We tune into support: within and with out, seen and unseen. We tune into how we want to feel and spread love. This event lasts about 45 minutes depending on attendance size. Topic subject to change.

Please make the time to be undisturbed where you can close your eyes, and go inward without distraction. Your presence is a gift to yourself and those gathered.

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